Customer Success Excellence

Customer Success isn’t simply a team of Customer Success Managers who assist customers implementing your solution.  It isn’t a previous services-based function (Technical Support, Training or Professional Services) that has a new name.  Customer Success is company culture that is derived through the right mindset, actions, and data to ensure your Customers achieve their desired outcomes.

Board members and executives alike expect high customer retention and provable customer growth.  However, effectively operationalizing Customer Success to meet those expectations is complex.  Your company has a unique DNA that results in a specialized CS strategy that drives outcomes for your customers along their journey with you.  

High performing CSM teams are made up of a precise blend of people/teams, skills, process and enabling automation that embrace the entire customer journey, to ensure that your relationship with your customers will achieve their desired outcomes and be profitable for you.


Translate your Strategic CS Goals Into Results!


Analysis & Planning

  • Customer Success Readiness Analysis
  • Definition of Customer Success Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)
  • Churn Analysis of customer turnover
  • Customer Health Framework
  • Customer Lifecycle definition
  • CS / NPS  Technology Evaluation

Action & Results

  • VP/Director CS mentoring & coaching
  • Create a data driven, 360° view of your customer
  • Create early warning systems & health alerts
  • Customer Success Workflow Automation
  • CSM Playbook definition & automation
  • Net Promotor Score - Implementation & analysis
  • Assistance with new Customer Success initiatives, recruiting and organizational alignment
  • Interim executive management for Customer Success and/or Customer Support
Mark was instrumental in helping us build the foundation of our Customer Success organization. With his guidance and expertise, we were able to transform from a renewals team into a proactive CS team that makes informed decisions and actions based on customer health data. He assisted in leading the implementation of our Customer Success automation platform, which included our C-Sat surveys NPS, onboarding playbooks, early warning systems for at-risk customers and mapping the entire customer journey. I would recommend him to any organization either building a customer success org from the ground up or those that are established but looking for ways to improve.
— Steve Proctor, CEO Edgenet